Undoubtedly, PHP is one of the most popular programming and server scripting language in use for the Web today. Despite of its reputation for web and application development there is a common belief that PHP, including the latest version PHP 7 is unsuitable in terms of security. However this is not true and it offers effective protection. We being an expert in providing PHP training in Indore, here are some important protection tips that you as a PHP developer can follow while creating PHP application program.

Prevent access to administrative page

You know that every web application has an administrative web page. This is used for managing and configuring the app. Whenever you install a PHP-based app, you should remember to either change script’s default directory name and remove installation script. This may avoid the user from having an accessibility administrative page.

Always secure your passwords in database

You must make sure that the security passwords you store in database are always in the encrypted format to ensure that even if anyone gets an access to your data source, they will not be able to read the security passwords. You must select the more powerful encryption function which prevents a cyberpunk to get rid of your security passwords.

Include/require files

It has now become common exercise of reusing codes by include or require file command in the script. However while you are using both these file in your code script, make sure you save it with .php extension. If this is not done, then code of that file may be confronted with the outside word. Moreover, if you forget or do not use .php extension, your file will not get executed .Thus, all the file content will came back if someone tries to type the path of that file. Also, adding include/require file in a non-root directory is a good way to protect their access publicly.

Protect session data from hijacking

Every time you log into your PHP web app, sessions are generated. This session has much sensitive details. Someone could easily misuse this to interrupt your session cookies. He could also use these details to access your account. The process is called session hijacking. The best possible solution to this technique is by the using super global variables. This could prevent session hijacking in a big way.

Creating separate database user

If there is a situation where several PHP applications use same data source server, then it is important from protection viewpoint to create separate user for each app. This will make sure if any one of the applications is under suspicion, then other applications will not get affected. This will help you to avoid any security relevant issue to some extent.

Summing up, if some of these above mentioned precautions are taken then the security aspect of PHP 7 can be taken care of.