Why should you opt for a career in Android Development

Android and Apple Company have been competitors since day one. There is always struggle going on as to who requires control. iOS 7.1 launched in 2014 has been commonly considered as not meeting user expectations when gripes like “killing the cell-phone battery” and such appeared. Thus, the mobile platform equation still continues to be same – Android system once more appeared to become the undeterred king of mobile world. Technological industry market can be really intense. Only the fittest survives; and Android has been preserving its user from all those glitches/bugs that others are dropping feed to.

To sum up, what makes Android keep ruling-

  • Android OS is not only available to a large number of people, it’s UI is the most comfortable one. While Apple’s high price range keeps it restricted to exclusive users, Android has manufacturers more than one- HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc.
  • Android users have the choice of picking out their device based on screen size, storage capability, and other such features at a considerable price range. Apple, on the other hand is still stuck to one size and spec.
  • If it was only about Google and Apple battling, then android wouldn’t have been on top. Android’s innovation lies in the fact that every android user is directly in conflict with every other OS user.
  • Android is an open source platform, which can be termed as the greatest strength for this OS. This reason has been the catalyst in android taking up the largest shares of smart-phones in the market.
  • Android developer community is growing at a stable speed and some of the best developers as well.

Nokia + Google= Android grows bigger

It’s a given fact that Nokia is dedicated to make Windows mobile phones. Then what powered Nokia to advance with Google? As confusing it may sound, Nokia has already released its android mobile phones in Feb 2014. Here are some of the reasons reliable reviews released recently. Looks like Android is absolutely gaining manufacturers across the world. Surely, there’s no way Android is avoiding from growing bigger with each passing day.

Why learn android?

  • Android skill set ranks fourth on Indeed.com
  • If numbers are to be believed, IDC reports Android to have 91% of the market share in India itself (As reported by TOI).
  • Forbes reported predictions of Gartner and IDC that Android mobile shipments will keep increasing through 2017. The below graph shows Gartner’s analysis of all the devices having android OS in 2012.

Now let’s take a look at WHY you should learn android

  • Android market is on a greater. Believe it or not, but android developers are the most widely used. With effective android user improving by extreme measures, one may claim that need for applications is definitely on a rise. Whether a game app, or a computer file sharing app, or emailing app, the world has become app-centric; they need app for everything.
  • The next important factor is Salary package. A lucrative profession career is what one searches for, and android knowledge might just manage you one. In Indian, the salary conventional is approximated to be INR 3-5 lakhs/annum.

You can also go through Free android learning resources like:

  • Codecademy
  • Vogella
  • My Life with Android
  • Treehouse
  • Technotalkative
  • Lynda
  • Possible android careers

Android developers are definitely playing the strongest cards, but there are opportunities for skill sets other than developers.

Android has opened up floodgates of opportunities for employment creation. It’s time you take notice and start improving your android skills. If you are wondering where and how to start, then we have an optimum solution for you. You can avail our Android development course and master this skillset in a short time span.